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Efchi 1904 Traditional Hotel

     The traditional hotel "Efchi 1904" is housed in one of the first buildings of the new city - Niochori - Rhodes of the 19th - 20th century.
     It belongs to the approximately 150 listed buildings of the city and has from time to time hosted prominent families of Muslim, Italian and Greek origin.
     The renovation of the building created three, one-room, deluxe suites and two, one-room, suites, which took their names from an herb with the corresponding color, character and warmth.


   Pure and miraculous! Its benefits are known from ancient times as the ancient Greeks took advantage of the valuable and soothing components.
   The gentle colors that soothe the eye and soul, were the inspiration for the creation of this room.


   In ancient Greece it was a symbol of joy and happiness. The distinctive aroma has made it an integral part of the famous Mediterranean cuisine.
   The green color is a symbol of spring and is known to act as a balm against the physical and mental fatigue.


   Lavender is used by the people of the Mediterranean for over 2,500 years. The ancient Greeks used it for perfuming baths and the beautification of the skin. The color symbolizes cleanliness and spiritual peace.
   Its healing components rank lavender between the 20 most important herbs,therefore it could not be excluded from the traditional hotel Efchi 1904!


   The sky and the blue Aegean sea united. A color that symbolizes optimism and freedom. It travels the mind to faraway places. A color that utterly reminds you of Greece.


   We have "borrowed" the grace and beauty of a blue hydrangea to create this particular room. Originating from the depths of distant Asia, where it has been cultivated for centuries because of its curative components, the hydrangea brings us beautiful and vivid memories of our childhood and the gardens of our grandparents.


Wi-Fi Access

Air Conditioning


LCD / Plasma / Tv


     The traditional hotel Efchi 1904 is located at a vantage point of Rhodes. Right in the heart of town, in a picturesque, quiet, traditional narrow street - what the Greeks call marasi